More than 4700 comic strips and panels were syndicated in the United States between 1924 and 1995. And some 3300 people worked on them.


Syndicated Comic Strips and Artists 1924-1995:The Complete Index is a comprehensive compilation of every comic strip and panel, and every creator, illustrator, and author, that was listed in the annual Editor & Publisher Syndicate Directory from 1924 to 1995.
The only index of its kind. 

  This compilation includes:

  • An alphabetical list of 4700 comic strips and panels and dates of syndication, along with all individuals associated with the strip and their dates of association.

  • An alphabetical list of some 3300 artists, writers and creators, linked to all the strips that each worked on and the dates of their work.

  • A translation of nicknames and pseudonyms that appeared in the Syndicate Directory.

No other single resource even comes close to the scope of this comprehensive group of indexes, the largest single listing of comic strips and creator names ever compiled. Easily accessible by both title and creator's name, this indispensable resource offers every comic strip professional, syndicate, library, and every comics fan, instant reference to 71 years of America's favorite art form.


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